Live action Futurama fan film

Check out this awesome live action Futurama “fan film”

Marvel Disk Wars anime english dub

Marvel’s Disk Wars anime is a Japanese cartoon featuring the Avengers and an art style extremely similar to Avengers Assemble

Upscaling now available on PlayTV

Got PlayTV? Want upscaling of your SD picture using the same hardware that upscales DVD to near Bluray quality? The

Want a cheap PSEye or PlayTV for your PS3?

The Sony Style online store currently has the PSEye webcam available for £15 (RRP £40), and PlayTV for £49, a

PlayTV firmware update 1.02 released

Got a PlayTV? Got an Internet connection? Check your setup screen about box for a new firmware update, thats brings

Firefly Official Companion – Volume 1

What we wanted was production notes and other background material fleshing out the Firefly universe – politics, technology, culture, geography