Transformers at SDCC 2018 – new Studio Series toys revealed!

Our first look at Bumblebee in his VW Beatle mode In the movie Dropkick is said to be a triple

Transformers at SDCC 2018 – new Siege: War for Cybertron toys revealed!

So the theme for the first year of War for Cybertron has been unveiled – and it’s a combination of classic

Transformers movie Studio Series deluxe wave 1 revealed

Thanks to some Russian spies, we have some official photos of the upcoming deluxe Studio series wave 1. Bumblebee (70’s

What comes after Power of the Primes? Wishlist time!

2018’s Power of the Primes Transformers toy line is apparently the end of a trilogy that started with Combiner Wars

Power of the Primes full list

Transformers Power of the Primes full list revealed

Prime Masters Wave 1 Skullgrin with Liege Maximo Cloudburst with Micronus Prime Metalhawk with Vector Prime Wave 2 Submarauder with

Optimus Primal wins fan vote for 2017 Power of the Primes

It was always going to come down to Optimus Primal or Star Saber, previous winner of the Japanese Masterpiece fan

Transformers Titans Return wave 4 video reviews

Transformers Titans Return wave 4 was just launched in the Philippines at a special event at Toy Kingdom and YouTuber chefatron

transformers titans return kup leaked

Transformers Titans Return Kup unveiled

The Transformers Collector’s Club have revealed the cover of their very last issue before they yield control of the fanclub license

Titan Masters Wave 3 now in stock at Orbital Comics

London’s Orbital comics now has some of Titan Masters wave 3 in stock – including the Titan Masters figures, the

Transformers Power of the Primes – which figures are we going to see?

So the next Transformers generations toyline and third part of the associated Machinima animated series has been announced, and it’s