iPlayer for PS3 receives an upgrade

All the PS3 specific fansites, even the UK ones (we’re looking at you) have failed to pick up on this,

A note on PS3 Vs. XBox exclusives

Xbox 360 can claim Halo, Gears of War and the GTA4 DLC (for now) as exclusives. But that’s it unless

Upscaling now available on PlayTV

Got PlayTV? Want upscaling of your SD picture using the same hardware that upscales DVD to near Bluray quality? The

Want a cheap PSEye or PlayTV for your PS3?

The Sony Style online store currently has the PSEye webcam available for £15 (RRP £40), and PlayTV for £49, a

PlayTV firmware update 1.02 released

Got a PlayTV? Got an Internet connection? Check your setup screen about box for a new firmware update, thats brings

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC for PS3 Review

When succumbing to buy this after seeing it marked down to £24.99 recently, I realised I have bought every single

Crash Commando PSN Review

What do you get if you cross Worms, Warhawk, Super Smash Bros and Bionic Commando into one game? If you

PSN Trophies lost when upgrading hard drive?

If you’ve upgraded your PS3 hard disk since the 2.40 Trophy firmware update, you might be shocked to see that

Sony PlayTV for PlayStation 3 Review

Notice how the Sky+ DVR box looks like an Xbox360? It’s no coincidence. The lizard people that rule Sky are

Dead Space for PS3 Review

Do you like to be scared out of your skin? Have nightmares? Jump at shadows? Wonder what it’s like to