marvel infinity war cast

Does first poster art for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War tell us which heroes are in?

Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr has posted on his Facebook the first art from Marvel’s upcoming Infinity War movie.

Who created the Tau in Warhammer 40000?

Who created the Tau in Warhammer 40000?

One of Games Workshop’s biggest mysteries they’ve been sowing for many years is the origin of the Tau species.

Awesome Blood Angels collection for Warhammer 40K

Shane over at shows off his brilliant painting work and huge Blood Angels army he’s collected over many years.

Live action Futurama fan film

Check out this awesome live action Futurama “fan film”

Japanese trailer for Ghost in the Shell 2017 live action movie released

New Japanese trailer for Ghost in the Shell (2017) live action movie out.

Tom Hanks in Splash

The Tom Hanks drinking game: Name your last poo after a Hollywood movie

Have you ever played the drinking game where you have to name your recent poos after Hollywood movies? No? Then

star wars rogue one poster

Exclusive RougeOne spoilers!

Hi, if you clicked on this link, it’s because you can’t spell Rogue. The film is called Rogue One. Not

transformers titans return kup leaked

Transformers Titans Return Kup unveiled

The Transformers Collector’s Club have revealed the cover of their very last issue before they yield control of the fanclub license

Best Cyberpunk adverts of all time

Well not so many adverts can be said to be set in a cyberpunk world but there’s two notable exceptions.

Mafia looks like an awesome cyberpunk movie from Russia

Unfortunately it isn’t. Look at this poster. It looks like the most awesomest cyberpunk movie ever made doesn’t it? Whoever