Transformers Alternators

Well I'd be late for the party if I were to review all of the Alternators released thus far, so

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

This highly stylised film gets on to a great start with those “RKO” style 1930s New York attacked by retro

Transformers The Ultimate Guide

Very nice book, lovely art, almost but not quite definitive. Needs a few more pages about the newer ranges, like

Transformers Energon: Volume 1

I won’t review the story here, I’ll leave that to someone else. What a step backwards this is as a

Transformers – War and Peace

It was great seeing the G1 cast rendered in full colour and manga quality in the first Dreamwave book, and

Transformers War Within – The Dark Ages

Dreamwave’s Transformers books were, IMHO, some of the most exciting and visually appealing comics being published in the last 5