ghost in the shell 2017 uk cinemas

Original Ghost in the Shell anime returns to UK cinemas for one night only

This coming 25th January 2017 cinemas all over the UK will have a one night showing of the original Ghost

cyberpunk preview

2017 will be the year of cyberpunk

Not only does 2017 seem like the sort of year when most of your 1980’s cyberpunk stories were set but


Do you like to travel?

Do you like to travel? Do you like to visit cities like Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong that all your

Best Cyberpunk adverts of all time

Well not so many adverts can be said to be set in a cyberpunk world but there’s two notable exceptions.

Mafia looks like an awesome cyberpunk movie from Russia

Unfortunately it isn’t. Look at this poster. It looks like the most awesomest cyberpunk movie ever made doesn’t it? Whoever

Iron Man movie armor concept images online

Artist Phil Saunders has posted work he did for the first Iron Man movie on his blog “Phil Saunder’s Random

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Official Log 1

Rare is a TV series so overloaded with subtext as is Stand Alone Complex, not even modern favourites like Firefly,

Death’s Head 3.0 TPB review

To all the Death’s Head fans who’ve been patiently waiting for Marvel to realise the huge potential of the greatest

Ghost in the Shell Solid State Society Trailer now online!

Find it here, in un-downloadable ‘watchme’ format :(:(

Battlestar Galactica Series 1 DVD Box Set

OK UK listerners, here's what's up with this. The current release of Series 1 is the same as the initial