Blade Runner 2049 spoilers

Blade Runner 2049 spoilers

The reviews are out, and bit by bit spoilers are coming out too. Well be updating this page as more

ghost in the shell 2017 uk cinemas

Original Ghost in the Shell anime returns to UK cinemas for one night only

This coming 25th January 2017 cinemas all over the UK will have a one night showing of the original Ghost

marvel infinity war cast

Does first poster art for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War tell us which heroes are in?

Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr has posted on his Facebook the first art from Marvel’s upcoming Infinity War movie.

Live action Futurama fan film

Check out this awesome live action Futurama “fan film”

Japanese trailer for Ghost in the Shell 2017 live action movie released

New Japanese trailer for Ghost in the Shell (2017) live action movie out.

Tom Hanks in Splash

The Tom Hanks drinking game: Name your last poo after a Hollywood movie

Have you ever played the drinking game where you have to name your recent poos after Hollywood movies? No? Then

AVP-R (Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem) DVD Review

It’s a big joke that the R of Requiem also stands for R rating which the second AVP film was

Dead Space for PS3 Review

Do you like to be scared out of your skin? Have nightmares? Jump at shadows? Wonder what it’s like to

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War – Winter Assault Expansion Pack

Arrived on the day of release and been playing ever since. The guard have real character and it's great to