Transformers at SDCC 2018 – new Studio Series toys revealed!

Our first look at Bumblebee in his VW Beatle mode In the movie Dropkick is said to be a triple changer. No such luck with the toy but he does make a nice Huey Cobra, aside from Bumblebee, Dropkick seems to be the standout toy in this new wave. Interestingly, he shares a colour scheme with the first movie’s Dropkick pickup truck toy as well. Even the headsculpt appears similar – is this the same character? The original Studio Series Ratchet is currently shelf warming stores around the world so one wonders why Hasbro thinks we need the uglier version too A repaint of Stinger, KSI Sentry is the ‘Trax’ drone type from Age of Extinction, with a new headsculpt and claw weapon. Another drone character, this time repainting Lockdown in a common Lamborghini orange colour, offering a nice alternative for those who skipped the first Studio Series Lockdown as they already had the AoE Deluxe.