Transformers at SDCC 2018 – new Siege: War for Cybertron toys revealed!

So the theme¬†for the first year of War for Cybertron has been unveiled – and it’s a combination of classic G1 characters with futuristic designs, combined with transforming weapons inspired by the Targetmasters, Micromasters and Actionmasters lines. However, the futuristic designs are not as far out as the old War for Cybertron videogame alt modes. Instead, we seem to be seeing something that could just as easily be near-future earth modes. Keeping in mind also that vehicles and trucks in Japan can look a few years ahead of the rest of the world (which we’ve seen reflected already with the likes of Generations Ultra Magnus and Combiner Wars Hot Spot), and that the Takara designers are of course Japanese, it’s nice that we’re getting designs that can just as easily represent 21st century alt modes, and have something of a cyberpunk theme, looking like something from Ghost in the Shell or Blade Runner.

While there’s yet another inflation busting price hike, it looks like the paint jobs, accessories and articulation are all a step up from the current Power of the Primes line, and that the figure sizes are also consistent with recent lines, unlike the disappointingly tiny Fall of Cybertron Generations toys or this year’s Studio Series deluxes.

Confirmed characters include Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, Hound, Chromia, Red Alert, Cog (to complete your Fortress Maximus set), Lionizer, Prowl and several Micromasters sets.

The line is also rumoured to contain Six Gun (to go with Metroplex).

So far Prowl and Red Alert have only been seen in promotional artwork, with the latter being a repaint of Sideswipe.

Inspired by the Car Robots/RiD Ultra Magnus, we finally get an ‘Evolution’ style Magnus with both inner and outer robot.¬†

Cog is a parts-former made of several smaller Targetmaster style weapons. Six Gun is also rumoured to be a part of this line.

Chromia appears to be a repaint of Power of the Primes Moonracer, although it’s unconfirmed if she has a combiner port.Lionizer seems to be the first ‘Actionmaster’ accessory bot to be updated for the modern era. Each of the Micromasters sets picks the 2 most interesting characters from what used to be teams of 4, and look incredibly faithful to the originals, while still updating them with modern articulation and adding weapon modes that finally give us ‘Minicons’ based on the original Micromasters.