Armies on Parade – Deathwatch

Deathwatch are a great second army to collect because you can use all the spare marine bitz acquired over the years, together with rescues from boot fairs and flea markets. Or if there’s a Forgeworld character or Horus Heresy era mini that you really like the look of but you don’t want to start a whole new collection, you can usually find a way to counts-as them into your Deathwatch army. Even characters from other chapters, like Lysander or even Dante, can used as substitutes for regular veterans if you just like the model without wanting to collect the whole army. In our army we’ve chosen a grittier, dirtier look with lots of battle damage to contrast them against our pristine and preened Blood Angels army and included characters from many lesser known chapters. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding a handful of Primaris as well with the launch of the 8th edition Codex.

Painting exclusively by Tom Blackburn Miniature Painting as seen on Instagram. You’ll be pleased to know Tom also takes commissions! So drop him a line at the details on his Instagram.

Watch Master – Celestial Lions

The Watch Master figure makes a great base for an Inquisitor as well and we really wanted to do him in a golden bronze inspired by Inquisitors Tyrus and Coteaz. In universe, whilst most Deathwatch members are stuck with black and silver, it makes sense that a Watch Master could have earned the right to wear his original chapter’s colours, providing the opportunity to adorn him in the resplendence of the Celestial Lions.

Watch Captain of the Death Spectres

This model is the special captain from the ancient Assault on Black Reach starter set. Tom’s done a great job here of making a well decorated model look rather more grimdark than it does when painted as a a fancy Ultramarine. We chose Death Spectres as they’re an obscure Xenos-fighting chapter that features a lot in the Deathwatch role playing game.

Watch Captain Artemis of the Mortifactors

He sure does get around, it’s Artemis, presumably stopping by our Watchtower for a spot of training and inter-watch tactics sharing.

Chaplain Bojermain of the Angels of Vengeance

We’re not fans of the rather dull Dark Angels but as one of the chapters with their own sets we found ourselves with a surplus of bitz to use up and so there are more than a few Dark Angels in our Watch company. Why would that be? Perhaps the chaplain here is not only seeking out Xenos targets, but has heard rumours of Fallen in the sector, and ensure he has the backup of several Unforgiven warriors to help his surreptitious side missions? This chaplain actually hails from successor Unforgiven chapter the Angels of Vengeance, who wear black armour with red robes, fitting in nicely with the standard Deathwatch colours. His Crozius, skull mask (hanging at his chest), decorations and the dark angel wings nailed to his (chaos style) backpack are all made of (reinforced) stone rather than more traditional metals, emphasising the ‘church’. He carries a combi plasma with special ‘Fallen hunter’ auspex, and a list of the Fallen he has personally captured on a scroll on his shoulder pad. The overall design of the figure evokes the hooded, winged skull that is the Angels of Vengeance chapter icon.


Chaplain Cassius of the Ultramarines

Librarian Sydo Merrin – Exorcists

The Exorcists are primarily an anti-Chaos chapter but their strong psychic abilities still get borrowed out to the Deathwatch from time to time. This figure is made from Grey Knights spare parts and regular marine parts including a converted arm made from a missile launcher steadying left arm, used here to illustrate a psychic blast being prepared in his hand.

Librarian Jensus Natorian of the Blood Ravens

Dreadnought – Borgia of the Iron Lords

Venerable Dreadnought Oublius the Forgotten 

Brother Oublius is effectively a Blackshield as both his armour markings and his own memory have faded and he has been part of the Watch since long before Master joined.

Terminator Squad

  • Brother Sergeant Duwayn of the Red Scorpions
    • Power Sword and Storm Bolter
  • Brother Maior Naviculam of the Carcharadons
    • with Lightning Claws
  • Brother Cale of the Dark Angels
    • with Assault Cannon
  • Brother Two Dogs Screwing of the Dark Angels
    • with Cyclone Missile Launcher
  • Brother Gunnar Hand of the Flesh Tearers
    • with Chainfist
  • Brother Byonichus of the Iron Hands
    • with Power Axe
  • Brother Garran Branatar of the Salamanders
    • With Heavy Flamer and Power Fist with Meltagun

Vanguard Veterans Squad – Kill Team Cuervo

  • Brother Sergeant Garras Del Cuervo of the Knights of the Raven
    • with Lightning Claws
  • White Scar
    • with Power Lance and Storm Shield
  • Carcharadon
    • with twin Chainswords
  • Angels Sanguine
    • with Lightning Claw and Power Fist
  • Iron Hand
    • with Heavy Thunder Hammer
  • Flesh Tearer
    • with Chainaxe and Plasma Pistol
  • Dark Angels Ravenwing
    • with twin Plasma Pistols
  • Ultramarines
    • with twin Bolt Pistols
  • Salamander
    • with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield (TBC)
  • Blood Drinker
    • with twin Plasma Pistols (TBC)

Biker Squad

  • Brother Sergeant Immortan Bob of the Angels Encarmine
    • with Storm Bolter
  • Brother Veteran Biker of the Novamarines
    • with Power Sword and Teleport Homer
  • Silver Skull
    • with Chainsword (TBC)
  • Black Templar
    • with Power Maul

Veterans Squad – Kill Team Larsson

  • Brother Sergeant Lars Larrson of the Space Wolves
    • with Xenophase blade and Combat Shield and Boltgun
  • Sons of Dorn
    • with Missile Launcher
  • Brazen Claw
    • with Stalker Boltgun
  • Mentor Legion
    • with Infernus Bolter
  • Carcharadon
    • with Shotgun
  • Howling Griffon
    • with Shotgun
  • Minotaur
    • with Frag Cannon
  • Jonhor, a Blackshield
    • with twin Power Swords
  • Blood Raven
    • with Heavy Thunder Hammer
  • Crimson Fist
    • with Thunder Hammer and Storm shield

Veterans Squad – Kill Team Cassius

Primaris Intercessors


  • Brother Sergeant Intercessor of the Fulminators
  • Brother Intercessor of the Crimson Fists
  • Brother Intercessor of the Silver Templars
  • Brother Intercessor of the Space Wolves
  • Brother Intercessor of the (blue background)
  • Brother Reiver of the Dark Angels
  • Brother Reiver of the Imperial Fists
  • Brother Reiver of the Raven Guard
  • Brother Aggressor of the Scythes of the Emperor
  • Brother Aggressor of the Sons of Dorn
  • Brother Aggressor of the Fire Hawks

Yes there are 11 members of the squad, obviously one of the Reivers or Aggressors would stay behind depending on mission tactics, or to allow the Aggressors to be fielded as a separate squad.

Primaris Inceptors




Corvus Blackstar