What comes after Power of the Primes? Wishlist time!

2018’s Power of the Primes Transformers toy line is apparently the end of a trilogy that started with Combiner Wars and continued with Titans Return, but is also part of the ongoing “Generations” line that’s origins lie in the first Transformers Classics way back when.

With the apparently full list of PotP toys now leaked we thought we would take the opportunity to make a wishlist speculating what might come after or rather, what we hope will be coming after, in 2019 and beyond.

Hasbro is running out of G1 characters to reinvent, as after Powermasters and Pretenders, homaged in the PotP lineup, G1 went sideways with Micromasters and Action Masters, neither of which lend themselves to satisfying today’s more sophisticated consumer.

Instead, we think they will go down one or both of two main paths – the Japanese G1 toys that continued G1, and characters with beast modes – not necessarily just characters from the later Beast Wars story – but robo-beast alt modes have been somewhat absent from the Generations line until now, with the inclusion of Dinobots, Terrorcons and Predacons in PotP showing that gap might now start to be filled. In both cases, characters from these themes have been showing up for some time in IDW comics and seem ripe for exploitation. Finally, we can guess that characters that have just not had a Generations toy at all, like Scorponok, or are in dire need of an update, such as Prowl, will make an appearance. You could argue they might go to G2, but consider this – we’ve had almost every G2 character by now including all the Primes, tank and jet Megatrons, Jazz, all the combiners, leaving only the Cyberjets and autobot mini-cars left, which we’ll see below will fit in nicely to our plan.

Therefore we’d expect, or hope, to see characters with beast alt-modes such as:

  • The Seacons, perhaps as retools of the combining Terrorcon and Dinobot toys from PotP
  • Apeface and Snapdragon, as voyager size triple changers
  • G2 colour Dinobots, as some kind of horrific special event boxset exclusive
  • Titan class Scorponok, perhaps as an extensive retool of Metroplex
  • A Ratbat who isn’t a repaint or a Soundwave accessory
  • plus fan favourites from Beast Wars, Beast Machines and even Car Robots

In the recent comics, as well as the much loved Animated series, the Japanese G1 exclusives were characterised as samurai and ninja-like warrior monks, and we have yet to get more than a couple of these characters, such as Sky Shadow. We think we will see eventually:

  • Leader class Star Saber, following a similar pattern to the PotP upgradeable leaders
  • Leader class Star Convoy, perhaps as a retool of PotP leader Optimus Prime
  • Dai Atlas
  • Road Caesar, as a combiner hopefully made from Tokyo Drift style tuner cars
  • A new Drift toy, since he was retrofit into the Japanese G1 world
  • Runabout and Runamuck, who while they had pretty good repaints as fan exclusives recently, would make excellent ninjas in the classic Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow template
  • Plenty of opportunity for more tuner cars amongst Autobots like Cliffjumper, Nightbeat, Joyride and the Throttlebots, or the G2 minicars and Laser Rods
  • Perhaps an opportunity for a Soundwave ninja-spy to give us something other than tapedeck or truck
  • New samurai Bludgeon and Banzai-tron toys
  • A black ninja motorcycle Prowl inspired by his Animated appearance
  • Samurai style deluxe seekers converting into modern day stealth fighters like the F22 or even the Chinese J20 – not only original seeker characters but the Cyberjets as well

Finally, what could the Takara Masterpiece line have in store in 2018 and beyond? We’ve yet to see Diaclone colours of the Ironhide/Ratchet mould such as black. Trailbreaker and Hoist are rumoured to be on the way and have multiple Diaclone repaint colours to support too. Even the upcoming Sunstreaker toy will almost certainly get a red repaint. A Blaster toy with cassettes is almost certainly coming given the recent reveal of new cassette figures. Of the Autobot cars, that leaves Hound and Mirage, and Jazz. Of these Jazz would seem to be the most likely, with Volkswagen no longer completely anti-Transformers, as he can be repainted not only into Stepper/Ricochet but also Jackpot and G2 Jazz. Hound and Mirage present Takara with the least opportunities to return investment on the tooling and we wonder if we will ever see them in Masterpiece form as a result. On the Decepticon side we can’t see them doing the Insecticons or Reflector any time soon, but perhaps Galvatron will see an appearance. We’re holding out hope most of all though for a Masterpiece Astrotrain.