Dex cyberpunk RPG is now Cross Buy on PS4 and Vita

Cyberpunk RPG Dex is a fun little game that recalls 16-bit sideways scrolling fighting/adventure games ¬†from the 90s. It launched last summer on PlayStation 4 and later on Vita but a mistake in the listing meant the game wasn’t cross-buy and customers were forced to pay twice if they wanted it on Vita despite already owning the PS4 version – despite advertising to the contrary.

After multiple nagging messages from us here at however, Sony have finally fixed the listing and made it Cross-Buy for new customers and free to re-purchase for those who already owned the game on one platform or the other.

The Vita version is reported to be a bit unstable, but we think it suits a handheld device much better than a regular console.

If you’re interested in the game here’s a great YouTube review: