Optimus Primal wins fan vote for 2017 Power of the Primes

It was always going to come down to Optimus Primal or Star Saber, previous winner of the Japanese Masterpiece fan vote, but perhaps with Star Saber being less well known in the US, or more likely, simply because Power of the Primes is likely to feature a lot of beast mode figures┬áthe winner has been announced as Optimus Primal. It almost certainly is a fix, Hasbro are under no obligation to release actual voting data and have to plan toys well in advance of what a true fan vote would allow. Commercially, aside from the ease of making a new Optimus Primal figure compared to a low selling leader size that Star Saber would require, it also opens the door to bringing a lot more Beast Wars characters into the shared IDW universe we’re operating in now.

What we’re really hoping for though is a decent triple changing Optimus Primal that can be readily repainted into a proper Apeface figure!