Transformers The Last Knight toy codenames who’s who?

Codenames for store listings of upcoming Transformers 5: The Last Knight generations toyline were revealed recently but so far only two have been officially revealed, to be Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

This is our best guess at what the other codenames mean and therefore what movie toys we’re getting the Last Knight. Let us know what you think in the comments below and check back in a few weeks when we’ll see how many we got right or wrong!

UPDATE: Following New York Toy Fair 2017 we now know most of the choices. Deluxes include: Slug, Berserker, Slash, Steelbane, Drift, Lockdown, Strafe, Sqweeks, Bumblebee, Barricade – noticeable absent is Hot Rod. Slug, Slash, Strafe, Bumblebee and probably Drift and Lockdown appear to be repaints of AoE toys, although the Dinobots have much improved paint jobs while Drift is heavily retooled now that he is a Mercedes, not a Bugatti, but retains the same transformation method.

Voyagers are: Hound, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Scorn, Megatron.

Leaders will be Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Legion/Legends class are (AoE molds in italics): Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Megatron, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs, Barricade, Dragonstorm (the three headed dragon).

Generations Deluxe Class

Wave 1:
  • “Shooting Star” – Berserker – leaked as one of the wave 1 toys and not reused as a codename elsewhere, suggesting a minor character, leaked toy suggests he will be a police SUV supporting Barricade’s operations. Previously seen in Dark of the Moon
  • “Gamma Ray” – Slug – The possibility is this is a Dinobot and Gamma is being used to imply a connection with the voyager Gamma Beam Grey which we think is Grimlock [UPDATE: Looks like it’s Slash not Slug]
  • “Mars” – Bumblebee – already announced as a Masterpiece figure also codenamed Mars
  • “Gas Giant” – Barricade – a likely candidate for Legends and Repaints, with Gas Giant and Hot gas appearing elsewhere in these lists, also leaked as being a wave 1 toy
Wave 2:
  • “Nova” – Hot Rod – existence of Super Nova voyager figure implies a “powerup” perhaps into a movie version of Rodimus Prime, especially with Optimus Prime turning evil
  • “Comet” – Drift – process of elimination, and Comet is not in the Legends list – there were few AoE legends line to steal repaints from and Drift and Crosshairs did not make it into the legends line
  • “Earth” – Bumblebee repaint/retool – since Earth is the same size as Mars, and Bumblebee almost always has two iterations in the first two waves of each movie line
  • “Hot Gas” – Barricade repaint – name derived from Gas Giant
Wave 3:
  • “Zodiac” – Wreck-Gar – because a to scale voyager version of such an ugly character won’t sell well and because there’s no legends size figure with this name
  • “Gravity” – Cogman – because there IS a Legends size figure with this name and he’s a car, rumoured to be a Rolls Royce in fact
  • “Saturn” – Sideswipe – yes controversial choice but he’s not known to be dead and Sideswipe toys have sold well and had multiple variants. This is also the codename of an unannounced Masterpiece figure at the same price point as Bumblebee, pointing to this being a regular car mode Transformers, and likely one who’s been in more than one movie. We don’t think it’s Barricade because he had an awesome Human Alliance figure already and doesn’t really need a Masterpiece, even if he has a radical new look in this movie, while Sideswipe could really benefit from a do-over as his Human Alliance toy sucked. We do hope for a Masterpiece Bugatti Drift though.
  • “Lightning” – Crosshairs – because it’s the only name left for a character known to be appearing who’s a deluxe

Generations Voyager Class

Wave 1:
  • “Jupiter” – Optimus Prime – already officially revealed
  • “Lunar Eclipse” – Megatron – Megatron spent time hanging out with the Fallen on the moon and anyway, Hasbro seems to be getting in the habit of leading with Primes and Megatrons with every new release now. Megs always gets a Legends toy too. [ UPDATE: It seems that Lunar Eclipse is a repaint of AoE Grimlock… yawn! So, swap the Megatron and Grimlock positions in this list] – Confirmed to be Grimlock
Wave 2:
  • “Pluto” – Onslaught – more likely that a new character would come out earlier than an older one like Hound, we think. And his simplistic truck mode would make a Legends toy pretty easy. Confirmed to be Hound
  • “Super Nova” – Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime – implied by the change from Nova to Super Nova Confirmed to be Megatron
Wave 3:
  • “Gamma Beam Grey” – Grimlock – the loose association with a Deluxe named with a similar theme. Yes, we’re reaching. Confirmed to be Scorn
  • “Sun” – Hound – by process of elimination, the only Voyager left and one who doesn’t have a Legends Currently Unknown

Generations Legion/Legends Class

Most of these therefore can be identified by their association with the previous lists.

Wave 1:
  • “Mars”- Bumblebee CORRECT
  • “Lunar Eclipse” – Megatron Grimlock CORRECT
  • “Gas Giant” – Barricade CORRECT
  • “Four Moons” – Sqweeks – the only character appearing only in the Legends list, it makes sense for there to be a small Sqweeks toy just as there have been Legends sized Wheelie before (admittedly the Wheelie toy was pretty hard to come by) INCORRECT Confirmed to be Dragon Storm
Wave 2:
  • “Pluto” – Onslaught INCORRECT Hound
  • “Gravity” – Cogman INCORRECT Crosshairs
  • “Nova” – Hot Rod INCORRECT seems to be Megatron although there is no deluxe Megatron, there is a voyager called Super Nova

Based on current known codenames this does not leave slots for Optimus Prime and Drift