cyberpunk preview

2017 will be the year of cyberpunk

Not only does 2017 seem like the sort of year when most of your 1980’s cyberpunk stories were set but with at least two big movies we’ll likely see a glut of cyberpunk greenlit if they do well at the box office, much as the past few years have been full of superhero movies. Heck, even those long festering Akira and Neuromancer movies might finally get the go ahead. Here’s what’s coming up this year:

Cyberpunk movies in 2017

In a single year we are getting new versions (one a sequel, one a live action remake) of arguably the two most influential pieces of cyberpunk cinema. First in March, Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson.

Then in October, sequel Blade Runner 2049 hits cinemas.

There’s also Mute from Moon/Source Code/Warcraft director Duncan Jones coming to Netflix

Cyberpunk TV

Incorporated is already airing and certainly fits the corporate run future dystopia criteria.

Netflix are bringing Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon series to life starring Joel Kinnaman from the recent Robocop remake.

Future beauty contest Miss 2059 comes to YouTube

Cyberpunk games

Graphic adventure Read Only Memories receives a PS4 release as well as an updated ‘2046’ edition

Games Workshop’s cyberpunk universe of Dark Future returns in the form of PC game “Blood Red States”

The PS4 will receive a bunch of cyberpunk themed releases as well with Tokyo 42

and Divide

and last year’s Dex comes to PS Vita

and rumour has it that Cyberpunk 2077 may see a release in 2017, but equally it might not come out until 2021 so we’ll have to wait and see

Cyberpunk books

Liquid Cool author Austin Dragon has announced the names of his next novels in the series will be Blade Gunner, NeuroDancer, and The Electric Sheep Massacre. Clearly there’s an element of parody in those names.


Regular Warhammer 40,000, Dark Future and Deus Ex tie-in author James Swallow extends his cyberpunk creds with the official novelisation of the Ghost in the Shell movie

The original Ghost in the Shell manga also get official english digital editions for the first time on Comixology from publisher Kodansha

March 5th is the 40th Anniversary of the first appearance of Judge Dredd, and 2017 the 40th anniversary year of 2000AD magazine, celebrating in February with a one off convention