Titan Masters Wave 3 now in stock at Orbital Comics

London’s Orbital comics now has some of Titan Masters wave 3 in stock – including the Titan Masters figures, the Deluxe figures (Hot Rod, Triggerhappy, Getaway, Doubledragon or whatever his name is) and the Voyager triple changers Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Unfortunately they’re priced at an eye watering £21.99 for deluxes and £34.99 for the Voyagers. Personally, we’ll wait for the inevitable sale prices in Toys r Us or The Entertainer, where deluxes can currently be had for a more reasonable £13.33. If TK Maxx can do Leader class figures at £24.99 then so can everyone else.

Also new in stock, Masterpiece Inferno at £130 and Takara Deluxe Titan Master imports at £34.99.