Transformers Power of the Primes – which figures are we going to see?

So the next Transformers generations toyline and third part of the associated Machinima animated series has been announced, and it’s Power of the Primes that will follow Combiner Wars and Titans Return. Announced over on the official Transformers Facebook page will be a new fan vote to decide which character gets promoted to Prime status and presumably ruler of Cybertron in the associated IDW comics.

It’s suggested, although not completely clear, that the characters shown in the announcement poster will be the candidates. By implication then we might also expect toys for each of these characters, but some of them seem unlikely candidates to get new toys at the moment. So, let’s speculate!

  • Ultra Magnus – seems the most unlikely, both to win, and to get a new toy, given he’s actually dead, in the comics at least
  • Arcee – While her current figure is not that old, Takara’s designers have expressed a wish to do a modern update of her since they felt compelled to do her in classic style in her first release. Headmaster Daniel anyone?
  • Hound – Hound got a repaint figure in the Combiner Wars line but those crappy repaints don’t really count, so we could see a new Hound figure this time out
  • Shockwave – While his legends scale figure for Combiner Wars is only a few months old, Shockwave has been deserving of a full size figure for some time with his Fall of Cybertron deluxe release not really counting
  • Megatron – While Prime and Megatron figures usually get at least one, if not two, in every range, Megatron’s voyager figure in Titans Return has only just been released
  • Star Saber – We think he’s the cinch to win the poll to be honest. Japanese fans especially love him, and he’s the only character here it makes sense to do in Leader class. He already won the Masterpiece fan poll run in Japan
  • Thunderwing – Black Shadow/Sky Shadow, a Thunderwing repaint, is getting a Titans Return Leader class figure, so repainting him to Thunderwing would be the most likely option even though with Overlord also coming out based on that mold it might be overkill
  • Unknown Evil – Probably a new iteration of The Fallen
  • Optimus Primal – what we would LOVE to see would be a triple changing ape/jet/robot that can readily be repainted into a PROPER Apeface at a Voyager size! Since they already launched Brawn twice in the Titans Return line they HAVE to do this!

In addition, we already know we are getting a Titan size Trypticon as part of this line. But what else is rumoured? Well let’s speculate – since we apparently aren’t yet done with Combiners there surely needs to be a Predaking set with some new, beast mode, type of deluxe combiner. And if they make that, repainting it to either Abominus, Piranacon or even as Dinobots seems like it could be possible. Imagine a remold of Tantrum into Slag, or Divebomb into Seawing or Swoop seems feasible.