Get Combiner Wars Shockwave for only £5

On sale now at The Entertainer stores, all Combiner Wars Legends figures are in the ‘penny sale’ which means Buy One, get One more for a penny (basically 2 for £10).

Our local Entertainer at Westfield London had multiple Shockwave, Bombshell, Wreck gar and Warpath figures, in fact they had at least 6 Shockwaves, so there’s no excuse now not to pick one up if you haven’t already found the elusive scientist.

Also on sale, Titans Return Deluxe wave 2 at £13.33 each (down from £20… we remember when it Deluxe figures were £7.99, it was only ten years ago) and weirdly Combiner Wars Combaticons deluxes for £15.