Could we be about to see a Deadpool vs Death’s Head matchup?!?

Well this is interesting. Just a few weeks ago, comics artist Nick Roche, of recent Transformers and Marvel comics fame, posted this sketch showing Death’s Head meeting Deadpool:

Quickly followed by his colleague Josh Bircham posting a colourised version:

Leaving us all twitching helplessly at the thought that this could really be a thing if only…

Originally posted back in February, but now picking up some momentum, British comic artist Simon Williams is asking Twitter users to RT this post to show that there is huge pent up demand for an official meeting of these two bounty hunters mercenaries freelance peacekeeping agents so what are you waiting for?! RT away!

P.S. Simon does go on to point out that a Deadpool variant cover sort of shows the two meeting, ever so briefly, but of course that isn’t canon so get to it!