Transformers Dark of the Moon toys first look

Ultimate Optimus Prime

This sounds promising, hopefully it’ll be an improvement of the excellent ROTF Leader Prime (or even the Buster Prime, fingers crossed) with a cool battle armour.. or it may be rubbish.

Leader Bumblebee–products-30/transformers-dark-of-the-moon-leader-class-bumblebee-images-171340/

There’s already been two large Bumblebee figures, both of which sucked compared to the Human Alliance and Battles Blades figures. If we’re going to get another Leader size ‘Bee, it should be flawless, with transforming cannon hand, axe hand, battle mask and spot on transformation including the ‘wing’ arrangement of the back. Unfortunately, from the leaks so far, it looks like we’re not getting that.

Voyager Optimus Prime

Looking more like an FAB than a Voyager figure, the best thing going for this figure, is that it helped persuade us to get the awesome Voyager Battle Blades Prime before it’s discontinued.

Voyager Megatron

Poor Megatron, while ROTF Voyager was probably the best Movie incarnation yet, matching the videogame version well if not the onscreen version, the huge tortoise shell back kibble and withered arm were pretty embarassing. This looks like more of the same, but at least his mechtech weapon blends in, which can’t be said for, ANY, of the other toys leaked so far.

Voyager Ironhide

With improved proportions and colours, maybe this is the definitive Ironhide, and ROTF took what was probably the strongest movie 1 Voyager mold and reused ‘creatively’. The trunk bay doesn’t look great though, and there’s a prime example of the peril of the MechTech gimmick. Collectors of all ages want accessories that stow away in alt mode, not clip on and look ridiculous. They also want it to look as close as perfect to what they see on the screen. The ridiculous gimmicks seen here are a disappointing waste. Perhaps the best hope for Ironhide is a third party compatible cannons add-on.

Voyager Shockwave

While it’s nice to see a very faithful translation of Shockwave to the movie-verse, a tank mode pretty much exactly the same as the awful ROTF Leader Megatron is going to be a massive shelfwarmer.

Deluxe Starscream

What we really want is the excellent ROTF Voyager mold, with new forearms. While still hoping we get that too, the deluxe doesn’t seem to do a half bad job. Here’s hoping for some interesting repaints, including a non-tattooed version.

Deluxe Jolt

The ROTF Jolt was one of the worst Deluxes for the last movie so the only way is up for Jolt. While probably mistransformed, the arms at least look like a huge improvement already.

Deluxe Crankcase (TBC)

Apart from the Insecticon vibe, there’s little redeeming features on this spiky monster. However black plastic doesn’t photograph well, and Movie 1 Deluxe Barricade was a pleasant surprise, and shared this aesthetic, so there may still be hope yet.

Deluxe Skids

Surely to be repainted as Mudflap now that it’s seemingly confirmed that both twins share the same alt mode this time out.

Deluxe unnamed Lowe’s Nascar

Deluxe Barricade

Apart from the ridiculous mechtech weapon going straight in the parts bin, a new Barricade is welcome despite the fact that Barricade has had two pretty good toys already, including last year’s excellent Human Alliance figure.

Human Alliance Unnamed Buggy

Human alliance toys, with the possible exception of Sideswipe, were a highlight of the ROTF line, and it’s great to see their role expanded for DOTM. Here’s hoping that the characters are seen on screen, or that awesome G1 homages are used. We’re also still holding out for a Sideways with Alice set. Although, that helicopter figure looks a bit… naff.

Voyager Decepticon Helicopter

Speaking of helicopters, no images yet of this rumoured figure, but here’s hoping for a redone Blackout/Grindor. The first movie’s Blackout toy was one of the better molds but is now showing it’s age. Let’s just hope they avoid the trap of making a trigger driven rotor blade!