iPlayer for PS3 receives an upgrade

All the PS3 specific fansites, even the UK ones (we’re looking at you) have failed to pick up on this, but over at Digital Spy you can find details of all the enhancements made to the iPlayer for PS3 site that have been rolled out alongside the FW3.0 upgrade that also brought the iPlayer XMB shortcut.

Perhaps the biggest news is that it nows support H.264 video thanks to the upgraded Flash player in FW3.0. The full list of changes is as follows:

  • Shortcut to iPlayer under TV section in XMB (this is where PlayTV also lives, and if you haven’t got PlayTV yet, at £40, then why not?)
  • Video now uses H.264 codec for higher quality
  • Hardware accelerated full screen playback at 25fps, presumably also thanks to the new Flash player. No more striping!
  • 1500Kbps SD video for near broadcast quality

Additional fixes and features are coming soon, perhaps because PS3 is now the second most popular platform for iPlayer behind Windows, and ahead of Mac.