Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Bumblebee review

160520091507 Concept Camaro Bumblebee was the very height of Deluxe quality in the last movie line, a figure that benefitted greatly from being a second attempt already at a Deluxe movie Bumblebee. Although the original figure didn’t get as wide a distribution as the preview and wave 1 figures, it was reused several times for premium and store exclusive figures, some including a battle mask head, and so most readers will have one version or another. For the Revenge of the Fallen movie, we have a more significant remold including a new head, new front fender and hubcaps reflecting the production version of the new Camaro, and a new weapon hand replacing the cannon/energon dagger weapon in the first figure.

Like the various repaints of the original figure, the body is molded in grey rather than black which helps to show off the detail but would still have benefitted from some more paint applications, and not just premium figure allspark blue. Sadly the Camaro logo on the door is not brushed with silver as per the original version of the figure, and that lack of attention to detail and attention to cost cutting reflects that this figure is really just a filler until the main event.

The automorph features remain as does the spring in the collar joint which still seems to serve no purpose. The new weapon is not as good as the first version of the figure, but at least the missile can be stored in it in vehicle mode, you just might want to remove it during transformation and put it back again after.

The new headsculpt is more movie accurate but can’t help looking goofy, maybe it’s the eyes. At least he will fit in with the Twins figures now… The photos show comparison to the original figure, and also in vehicle mode to the Trans Scanning and vintage Camaro versions.

In our review of the earlier figure, we suggested several ways this figure could yet be improved upon, the good news is that most of those enhancements will be in the Voyager sized Human Alliance Bumblebee due out later in the year. But it means that little attempt to address these for the deluxe version was made.

Whether you pick this one up or not depends if you really want the updated front fender and headsculpt or now. Given the poor missile gimmick on offer here, the original version is really the superior toy. If you’ve got any of the previous versions, this version is not recommended.