Transformers Animated Deluxe Blazing Lockdown review

120520091464 Drawing inspiration both in design and personality from Marvel UK’s Death’s Head, via a bit of Frankenstein, Lockdown is another example of the genius at work in the Animated toyline in turning the highly stylised and exaggerated proportions of the Animated characters into something accurate to both the robot and alt mode designs with little in the way of compromise. Animated character designer Derrick Wyatt discusses the evolution of Lockdown’s design on his blog.

Lockdown is tall, something like 50% taller than your average deluxe figure, yet he doesn’t feel lanky or our of proportion with himself. The way the legs extend and bend are yet another ingenious example of the great engineering going into the modern Transformers figure. His upper arms are a little skinny but the only real fault in the design is that Lockdown’s hands can’t extend straight out.

Lockdown collects and regularly swaps weapons, hence while Blazing Lockdown still comes with the EMP stolen from Ratchet (and which attaches also to the Ratchet figure) but his hook weapon is replaced this time by a chainsaw, which unfortunately cannot be hidden in car mode, making this version ultimately inferior to the original green/black version. As something of a nemesis for Prowl in particular, and as a shelf filler regularly available at a discount, either version is a necessary purchase in order to provide a foil to your Prowl or Samurai Prowl figure, and since Prowl is a must purchase whether you like the rest of Animated or not, guess that means you’re going to have to buy Lockdown too.