AVP-R (Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem) DVD Review

It’s a big joke that the R of Requiem also stands for R rating which the second AVP film was supposed to be aiming for in terms of violence and gore after the kiddie’s version that was the first AVP film. Yet in the UK, the same film was barely rated equivalent to PG-13. At no point is there any tension or fear and the only characters we feel any empathy with are the Predator and Predalien themselves. It drags on as much as the last film does, and again is 99% shot at night/in the dark presumably so we can’t see how cheap the special effects are. Still, it does at least add something the first film didn’t, if only a couple of minutes worth of it, which is the fleshing out of the Predator race’s lore, showing us their actual homeworld for the first time outside of comic books. Which should tell the producers something – what people want is a Predator film in space, not in present day earth. The original AVP comic book had a the perfect premise, and what happened to the rumoured Predator 3 script based around an alien gladiatorial contest?

It’s available now, barely a year after it’s theatrical release, for only £3 in most of the new year sales, such as Amazon and Zavvi, so now’s the time to get it if you’re a completist. That only gets you the 1 disc cheapo edition, with a DVD menu so badly done you can’t see what option you’re selecting. Who knows how they managed to fill a second disc in the 2 disc edition, but I can’t be bothered to find out.

Fortunately the AVP series has given the folks at Hot Toys lots of opportunity to make some cool collectibles and we’ll be taking a closer look at those very soon.