Oh no! Hasbro ruins best Transformers ever!

After gushing so much over the Concept Camaro Bumblebee one might think I’d be thrilled to hear they were going to reuse that mold for Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee, but as much as I liked it, I would much prefer they pushed themselves even further, trying to do even better and build an even more fun, articulated and accurate figure. Instead however, it seems the movie sequel figure is going to reuse the same mold, with minor changes to match the production Camaro’s modified hood, a more movie accurate head sculpt (that does indeed look accurate, but somehow less fun) and an inferior, and gimmicky, weapon. Why bother to make a worse figure??!

Hopefully then this won’t be the only Bumblebee mold in the movie line, since we’ve already seen the Soundwave figure, could it be that these two are preview figures for the line?

See the pictures here Bumblebee Deluxe Remold Return of the Fallen Toy – Transformers News