Dead Space for PS3 Review

Do you like to be scared out of your skin? Have nightmares? Jump at shadows? Wonder what it’s like to be trapped in deep space, alone, except for horrific alien zombies? Want to experience the thrill of films like Alien, The Thing, Virus or Event Horizon?

Equipped only with engineers tools, you must fight your way through dimly lit corridors, macabre infirmaries, engine rooms, breached bulkheads all the time watching out for the mutated, twisted corpses of the ship’s original crew, who frankly aren’t very well.

Dead Space looks great but if anything it’s the music that really sets the scene, giving you some, but not quite enough, of an aural cue that something nasty is about to eat your face. Sometimes the music seems even to lull you into a false sense of security, or make you think the next room is chock full o’ zombies when in fact it’s the harmless end of level restroom.

For such a rich multimedia experience, it’s also hard disk friendly, with no hard disk install required, and super fast load times neatly broken up by a bulkhead or elevator just taking a couple of seconds longer than you might expect to open up the next area. And why wouldn’t it, when the ship’s running on emergency power?

If I have one complaint it’s that the majority of the mutant-alien-zombie-human hybrids littering the ship are the least impressive models in the game, looking exceptionally polygonal and with muddied, blurry textures. This doesn’t impact on the fright factor though, because it’s the way they jump at you, scurry out of air vents or cast flickering shadows across the ends of dimly lit corridors that provides the scares.

Play Dead Space now if you dare.