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Over at the Secret Identity forums I recently posted my personal view of what the Spider-man 4 and 5 movie scripts should be about. Here’s how I see it:

Spider-man 4
: Kraven, and Lizard
ide-villains: Rhino, Scorpion and more. Maybe even a flying ‘Vulture’, although without the antiageing power.

Following a wave of bank robberies and violent crime by superhumans with animal related powers (some stolen Oscorp tech perhaps, the rhino suit, the scorpion suit – built from a continuation programme of the goblin armour), the Daily Bugle sponsors a bounty for renowned hunter Kraven to return to New York and catch the the most challenging ‘wild animals’ of his career, including of course Spidey. After taking the credit for several successes that were really due to help from Spidey, involving excuses for cameos of movie versions of all these cookie cutter villains, attention turns to the most serious yet, a cold blooded killer called the Lizard (really a lizard hybrid curt connors of course). Kraven doesn’t know what he’s dealing with, while Spidey struggles with the conflict of saving his friend versus stopping the vicious murders of the Lizard. Kraven keeps Spidey free for now as he knows he needs his help, and plans to catch Spidey after he sets a trap requiring Spidey to kill the Lizard to survive, or be killed himself. Then Kraven will kill the survivor. But in the end it’s Kraven who is killed by the trap and Spidey manages to help Lizard somehow regain some of his humanity.

Spider-man 5
Villain: Mysterio, played by Bruce Campbell
Side-villain: Black Cat

Failed actor/stuntman, angry at having to take jobs as concierge and theatre usher rather than doing the work he enjoys, blames Spidey for his life’s issues, setting increasingly complex traps to catch Spidey, who is more concerned with reconciling his need to fight crime, with his feelings for new love interest, and catburglar, Black Cat.