Death’s Head 3.0 TPB review

To all the Death’s Head fans who’ve been patiently waiting for Marvel to realise the huge potential of the greatest character to ever come out of Marvel UK, I’m truly saddened to say that Simon dropped the ball, and now I think it’s unlikely we will ever get another chance. While the new DH’s design is visually interesting, it’s not Death’s Head, but that wouldn’t matter if any of the character’s trademark wit or oddball personality came through. The story here is bland, poorly structured, poorly thought out and while it’s theoretically a set up for a new revival of the character and needed to lay some foundations, there’s nothing here that makes you want to know what happens next.

In fact, I can tell you what happens next. You throw it in the bin and with your head in your hands, lament the biggest missed opportunity of the year.

Here’s hoping that one day we at least get an original Death’s Head Marvel Legends figure for our pains. Simon, if you’re listening, Death’s Head II was way better than this.

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