Transformers Movie Deluxe Bonecrusher review

PICT0697.JPG Wow, the first thing you notice with Bonecrusher is that his claw arm alone has at least 12 points of articulation. The next thing is the complexity of the transformation, way more interesting than anything Cybertron had to offer, and finally in his robot form, it’s striking how little he looks like what he turns into. Normally there’s some hint, a hood, a major bit of alt mode kibble. Not here. Bonecrusher looks totally different from his alt mode.

There is a lot of (unrecognisable) arm kibble that I wish folded away a bit better, and although he managed to very closely match his CGI model, the shoulder mounted wheels are only found here in the toy.

BC’s robot design is very evocative of how one might imagine a contructi[c]on robot – the wheeled feet, the extending arms, the broad shoulders designed for lifting, and the hunchback with the low slung head all suggest a robot designed for industrial work, but especially heavy lifting, perhaps demolition and disposal, which would seem to suit his personality.

Another nice touch is a sticker with the ‘bonecrusher’ logo presumably inherited from the vehicle he first scanned. The feet can just about be folded up to give him a ‘roller skate’ mode as seen in the movie trailer, but it’s not as easy as I’d hoped, and his knees will be bent far forward in doing so. It works well with his arms extended like “ski-poles”.

If there are any complaints to be made, it’s that the instructions are riddled with mistakes, another instance of this line’s quality issues, especially with regard to panels and joints that move for no apparent reason, serving no purpose in the transformation. Similarly, the packaging art shows the arm in Buffalo mode being lined to the middle, blocking the windshield when it should of course be off to one side.

Almost as good as Brawl, if only for the arm kibble, but still highly recommended.