Transformers Movie Deluxe Barricade review

PICT0580.JPG Why when all the other Decepticons get insect faces, does Barricade channel Jack Frost? Whatever, what you get here is kind of two toys in one, since you slide out what I suppose would be the radiator considering it’s location, and transform that into a mini, simplistic, but all things considered pretty accurate Frenzy figure. One can’t help asking why however, the years of experience designing Minicons weren’t applied here (or with Blackout’s Scorponok figure) to do something really special?

Barricade’s chest is pretty broad and his arms huge, looking a little out of place against his skinny legs, especially with his goofy giant hands. Unfortunately his knee’s are permanently bent into a very awkward pose, so despite the ball jointed shoulders, practical poseability is limited.

There’s no automorph, but Barricade’s left arm has a spring loaded battering ram function, which while a little flimsy, does a nice job of simulating the fist-pounding shown in the movie trailers.

A nice touch is the spikes on the toes that flip up. They didn’t have to do this, but it’s one step closer to matching the CGI model and it’s nice that they made the effort.