Street Fighters Alpha Generations DVD

Street Fighter Alpha GenerationsThis is a prequal to Street Fighter Alpha, which was in itself a prequal. In the same way that the Alpha movie wasn’t any good because it focussed solely on Ryu and his fear of (becoming) Akuma, this isn’t any good because it focuses slely on Ryu, and his fear of becoming like Akuma. Only it turns out that Akuma is Ryu’s dad, which I think we all saw coming, and we finally get to see, in flashback format, Akuma, nee Gouki, killing Ryu’s teacher Gouken.

Ryu doesn’t look like Ryu, he even has light brown hair rather than jet black. Sakura shows up for the last 10 minutes, and is as annoying as ever, and Ken is in it for about a minute, but looks nothing like Ken. So this is more of the same bland Ryu-and-Akuma show. Don’t buy it. Ever. Don’t even download it, it’s a waste of time.

For good SF2 universe stories, check out Street Fighter 2 V (Victory) instead.