New Alternators spotted in London!

The end of Binaltech has one good consequence – shops have to stock Alternators to replace them, which I’d argue they should have been doing all along since the differences in the Binaltechs isn’t worth the price premium we have to pay in England.

So I was in Forbidden Planet in London yesterday, and lo and behold, a whole load of Alts from the most recent case (but not the just release Mirage assortment). On the shelf were several Meister’s – the reissue in new packaging, Tracks, a couple of Ricochet Subarus, 1 Rollbar Jeep, and 2 (now 1 bwahahaha – look out for review soon) Optimus Primes. They also had Cybertron Life Convoy for £20, which I think is actually what it’s supposed to cost, so that must have been a mistake on behalf of the FP rip-off pricing department.

Also, here’s photographic proof!


The downside of course is FP’s extortionate prices. These alts will set you back £29.99 – 50% more than the RRP here in the UK, and about double what you’d pay in the US. Get this – their in store catalogue lists the SWTF line with a price of £11.99 and an RRP of £14.99, but when you actually go to buy them, they will cost you £16.99. Also note that the new Argos catalogue due at the end of July is rumoured to contain Alt Optimus Prime.