Future of Alternators

For my part, I'm mainly only bothered that they do, and get right, all the 83/84 G1 'deluxe' cars. By my reckoning that leaves Hoist, Trailbreaker, Grapple, Inferno, Ironhide and Ratchet. Red Alert was kind of done sufficiently well as a Binaltech Asterisk to appease me, since Prowl is the one who deserved his own mold, yet his design alludes to Red Alert in its own way. My wishlist for future Alts thus must include all of these guys.

Second on my list are notable characters from the minibots – in these cases I'm less fussed about keeping major design points than I am with the original cars. I'm thinking characters like Brawn and of course Bumblebee.

Finally, there's a couple of characters from later plastic deluxe car lines who I wouldn't complain about seeing. Again in these cases I'm less concerned about seeing major design features carried forward. For the repaints that I don't buy, they can make them whoever they want, rollbar, ricochet, swerve etc. doesn't really bother me as I won't be buying them.

That gives us my shortlist of:

  • Brawn as a Hummer, with Soundwave as a repaint command and control variant
  • Bumblebee as a mini cooper, as unlikely as that may be to happen
  • Ironhide either as a repaint of the new Dodge Ram prime or as a different kind of truck. Ultimately, the Alt Ironhide should have his defining cartoon only feature – the big windshield as his chest.
  • An alternator version of BTA Blaster, but with some TV station decals and maybe a satellite dish on top
  • Trailbreaker – the Dodge Prime mold has some connection with the trailbreaker/hoist original, such as the big shoulders. But I was right in my guess that any black variant would be scourge (as in RID scourge), with his alter ego name of "Nemesis Prime" in the event.
  • Hoist – so since a black dodge ram is unlikely to be trailbreaker, the repaint better be Hoist. he doesn't even need to be green in my book, as long as he looks industrial and has an appropriate remolded head.

Top of the list of other characters I'd be happy with is:

  • Nightbeat, who would be perfect as the plain blue Acura repaint of Prowl
  • Getaway