Transformers Alternators

Well I'd be late for the party if I were to review all of the Alternators released thus far, so I'll start soon with some of the recent releases, but before I do, here's a summary catch up.

Let me start by going on record that I love this line, and I hope it continues forever. These are perfect Transformers. I for one will be willing to keep buying them (although I only want unique molds, I have little interest in repaints except where the original G1 characters were repaints of each other). It's not like there aren't plenty more cars to choose from, european models for a start. After all, Citroen have made quite a splash with their transforming robot ads. Audi cars like the TT would work great too. There are other european manufacturers other than Volkswagen you know, with their admittedly quite good reason for wanting to avoid any association with war.

Anyway here's my summary of the Alts that have been:

Smokescreen my first and probably still my favourite overall. The blue and yellow of the Subaru WRC team is probably the most widely pimped toy car design in the world, so it's very recognisable and even as a toy, still kind of 'in disguise' when friends visit, they just assume it's a regular toy car on display. I love the transformation sequence and that the robot mode very much keeps the silhouette of the original. The decals make Smokescreen stand out too, so many of the other alts have a bland one colour paint scheme.

Silverstreak perfect that the original 'Mr Repaint' is the street version of one of his brothers. Neither do I miss having Prowl as one of these, as three of the same would have been too much.

Hound probably my favourite overall design, as the other cars all tend to look the same after a while, while Hound's jeep mode continues to stand out. His robot mode is highly poseable, relatively kibble free and I never get bored of transforming him. The only thing wrong with Hound is his crummy head sculpt. Hound always had a square shaped head with the appearance of wearing a cap or sunguard. This head is all wrong, it looks chubby and camp.

Sideswipe for me, Sideswipe's signature design features are his bonnet-chest and his red armoured arms. Well we got the latter but not the first, and though I'm glad that in the end this design wasn't used for Tracks and was used for a character I don't care that much about, I don't feel like getting the close topped variants, even though I'm glad they released Sunstreaker as himself in the end – I see little purpose in Dead End existing.

Windcharger odd choice of character, although I'm surprised nobody else ever mentions that the boot of the car (that's the space at the back Elois) contains the classic Windcharger face. I don't really like the skinny little runt of a car that this guy transforms into, but the transformation is sufficiently unique to deserve a purchase.

Grimlock one of the best in the line, probably as good a translation of an originally non-car mode character could have been. This robot mode really captures the raw strength of Grimlock, and evokes his classic robot mode signatures, such as his broad chest and especially his trunk like legs. Good choice of a Ford model too, as they really are the dinosaurs of car production these days.

Wheeljack I hate this repaint – Wheeljack deserved much better than this. The only redeemable feature here is the head sculpt.

Tracks This is one character who had to stay the same kind of car. Excellent choice to stick with the Corvette. I love the top half of Tracks' robot mode, including the missiles and shoulder 'pads' which do a good job of evoking his classic 'winged' silhouette. Unfortunately the legs are a bit of a disaster, being much too stiff to transform easily and with no use made of the doors, which end up as kibble.

Meister if he couldn't be a porsche, at least we got a nice sporty modern looking design. I went with the red 'Zoom Zoom' Binaltech version, which I pretend could be Cliffjumper – after all he was a porsche too. What I don't get is, if they had to make Ricochet, why not make a repaint of this mold? Also, while the clever legs folding to allow rear seats is neat, the feet are a complete disaster (how exactly are they meant to be transformed anyway?) and I much prefer the way Smokescreen's feet are done.