Robocop – The Prime Directives DVD Box Set

Robocop - The Prime Directives 1 To 4

Probably the worst of Scifi Channels various mini series, which is a shame because it’s a great property. If only they’d got some comic book writers involved like, oh, I don’t know, like, maybe FRANK MILLER.

The set up in the first two parts never pays off, and the finale especially is very weak.

Really, they needed a new design for RoboCable other than just a bronze version of robocop too.

In order of how good this is compared to other Robo properties:

1) Robocop Directors cut
2) Robocop 2
3) Original Robocop
4) Robocop 3
5) Robocop animated series (original one)
6) Robocop TV series
7) This mini series
8) Robocop Alpha Commando animation