Robocop Trilogy DVD

Robocop Trilogy [1987]

Lets make it clear – none of these films are that great as films. The success of the original has far more to do with the cool design for Robo and the ED-209, which sadly is hardly used in any of the films, than it does for the actual story or direction here.

That said, to put all 3 together in this set with a couple of nice special features- the documentary and the directors cut and deleted scenes – makes this the definitive set and a rgeat collection piece.

Robocop 1 – unfortunately it seems they gave up on the directors cut after the first half hour, and after a much better start, it drops back to the same plodding pace of nothing much going on with some key lines and scenes providing spikes in the interest. The chronology of the different threads – Robocop, OCP and the gangsters, is all out of sync though. The much vaunted showing up capitalist 80s USA is done better in other series than this, and the Director only finally hit the nail on the head when he took the mick out of the likes of George W in Starship Troopers.

Robocop 2 – Much better as an action/scifi/sfx film, even if its not quite as clever as the first one

Robocop 3 – Nowhere near as good as the other two, but still much better than its widely credited for. Certainly its superior to the various TV mini series. The problem here is not the story – the Japanese involvement, Robo turning against OCP – its just the final screenplay and the terrible acting. I still like it though.