Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex DVD Box Set

Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex - Complete Box Set

At last, some anime at a reasonable price. No more £20 for 3 or 4 episodes at a time! Don’t believe any of that nonsense about the UK market not being big enough for anyone to make a profit selling anime. The size of the market is constrained by the ridiculous over-pricing. I’d buy 10 3 or 4 episode discs a month if they were £5 a pop, but at £20+ each, I won’t even buy one.

But, back the review. This series is unbelievable. Much better than either of the GITS movies. Quite possibly some of the best television ever made, and certainly THE best animated television programme of all time. The first disk is a bit of a slow start, but after that it’s a further 6 volumes (25 episodes in total) non stop thought provoking conspiracy and high octane action all the way, especially the unmissable final 5 or so episodes. The Tachikomas are so cute as well! It’s all here, this is pretty much the same as the full individual volume release, same dub, same extras, except for a couple you won’t miss at all. You won’t miss not having the second disc for each volume – they’re unnecessary remasters for different types of tellys that’s all.

Bring on 2nd Gig!