Kotobukiya Robocop collectable figures Review

IMG_0862.JPGFor those of us who prefer figures in the 1/18 or 3-3/4″ to 4″ scale (they take us less space) it can be frustrating trying to find¬† . Why is it important they’re in scale? Why, so we can reenact classic movies such as Aliens Vs. Marvel or G.I.Joe Vs. Predator of course!

With Kotobukiya, known for their Star Wars mini-busts, it’s possible to realise that all time classic, Robocop Vs. heads of people from Star Wars. Fortunately instead of making busts, they’ve gone down the path of complete figures, and nicely chosen some of them at least to be in our favourite scale.

Sold independently, and unseen as in the custom in Japan (where the figures cost about $5 each rather than $15 by the way), the set includes 6 figures.

  • Robocop
  • Robocop 2 AKA Cain
  • ED-209
  • Robocop and destroyed ED-209
  • Robocop with flight pack from Robocop 3
  • Robocop bust (so it seems they can’t help themselves)


The first three are definitely worth getting. Robocop is about 4″ tall with neck, shoulder and hip articulation. His elbows and knees looks as if they should move, but they don’t sadly. Still, Robocop is one figure you can forgive for having low articulation because that’s accurate to the character.

The other two must haves, ED-209 and Robocop 2, are sadly not in the same scale (pick up the destroyed ED-209 if you want a Robocop in correct scale) as Robocop, although seem to be roughly accurate to each other. But they are the only finely detailed renditions of these characters to make it to stores at all except for the Hot Toys 1/6 scale ED-209 kit. Neither figure is particularly well articulated, having only 2 joints each, but they are finely detailed, and accurate in sculpt and paint work.

This is a great set although finding the the best figures and not just getting the ones no one wants, which seem to be produced in greater quantities too, is a challenge. Instead of the bust and damages ED-209, I would rather have seen an Otomo robot ninja and maybe Robo’s Police cruiser instead.