Transformers at SDCC 2018 – new Studio Series toys revealed!

Our first look at Bumblebee in his VW Beatle mode In the movie Dropkick is said to be a triple

Transformers at SDCC 2018 – new Siege: War for Cybertron toys revealed!

So the theme for the first year of War for Cybertron has been unveiled – and it’s a combination of classic

Coming soon – Tau!

Our next army is going to be an awesome range of Farsight Enclave themed Tau. Stay tuned! Update: Preview pics

Armies on Parade – Deathwatch

Deathwatch are a great second army to collect because you can use all the spare marine bitz acquired over the

Transformers movie Studio Series deluxe wave 1 revealed

Thanks to some Russian spies, we have some official photos of the upcoming deluxe Studio series wave 1. Bumblebee (70’s

Armies on Parade – Hive Fleet Hydra (inspired by Space Hulk)

Following on from last month’s Blood Angels feature, we wanted to show off our other main army which is of

Armies on Parade – Blood Angels

This is the first of a series of Warhammer 40,000 Army Showcases from the staff here at towers. This

Cyberpunk version of the Night before Christmas by William Gibson

Originally published as “Cyber-Claus“ The Washington Post Dec 1st 1991, here is cyberpunk author William Gibson’s take on “The Night

Blade Runner 2049 spoilers

Blade Runner 2049 spoilers

The reviews are out, and bit by bit spoilers are coming out too. Well be updating this page as more

What comes after Power of the Primes? Wishlist time!

2018’s Power of the Primes Transformers toy line is apparently the end of a trilogy that started with Combiner Wars